AZUR MARINE & SUMMERTIME / Review by Yana & Benni

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SP PARFUMS/ We continue our delivery – SPECIAL 4 SP scents for the 3×7,5ml TravelSprayer Offer

With Corona/Covid-19-2 these are and will be hard times for all of us, worldwide.
We all are worried and some of us in fear, me too.
But we continue our delivery.

For that reason I call back NARDUS and PALO SANTO for all people, who love and need spiritual scents for meditation, especially in these times.

And we have two limited spring/summer scents:
SUMMERTIME- fresh red-green apple blossom fruity floral
AZUR MARINE – fresh mediterran seebreeze neo-amber.

NARDUS, PALO SANTO, SUMMERTIME and AZUR MARINE are only available in a LIMITED EDITION in the 7,5 ml size in the 3×7,5ml SPECIAL OFFER.
(So you can’t find them listed in the webshop,
there will be no 30 ml and no 1,5 ml samples )

When you order the OFFER 3×7,5ml TRAVEL SPRAYER please send a message with your order.
You can choose from all 25 SP Scents and these SPECIAL 4.

I hope, you and your loved ones are doing well.
Much Love❤

SP MUSK 2 / POUDRE DE RIZ / SEA SALT TAR/ Review by Maximilian

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POUDRE DE RIZ & MUSK 2 / Review by Claire@ Smurfygurly

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Such a lovely Review with your thoughts about the new SP’s in different stages.

MUSK 2 & POUDRE DE RIZ / Review By Yana@ Tommelise

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Good News: CASSIS is back!

Many CASSIS Lovers wrote, …
So I decided, CASSIS is back, NOW!
will stay for spring until May/ June this year : )

SP MUSK / Best Of 2019, Review by Yana@ Tommelise

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