Carlo Maratti die heilige NachtEau de Parfum

SP PARFUMS Christmas Scent

The Power of Love, Energy in every way.
It works like medicine!
2 % nardus with cistrose, incense, artemisia, patchouli/nagarmotha and natural sandalwood.

“I think, we should have some holy scents for the soul these times –
I tried – and I hope, I did some …
Love & Peace to Everybody! Enjoy!
Have a warm and merry Christmas!“

Every ordered 30ml bottle comes with a reprint postcard of „The Holy Night“ by Maratti and a free 7,5ml Sprayer of your choice. (Please write down your choice at ‚Anmerkungen zur Bestellung‘)

SP PARFUMS does not use animal products, all animal accords are synthetic notes.

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506,67666,67 / 100 ml

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